Nomad Interiors

nomad, surry hills

Oh Sydney, you funny thing. You sure know how to get excited about a new restaurant. No sooner have the doors swung open on a shiny new restaurant and you’re queuing ‘round the block or hanging desperately at the bar panting for your table.

The challenge, as I’ve discussed before, is maintaining that level of excitement. True staying power seems seriously difficult as the caravan of diners move onto the next shiny (or beautiful concrete) surface. Continue reading

Bandito Roll with Roast Pork, Chicken Parfait , Serrano Ham, Chilli & Pickled Vegetable

the carrington, surry hills

If you’re lucky enough to work in Surry Hills you have some pretty terrific options for lunch. Not necessarily the plethora of food court options that you might get working in the big city, but some tasty cafes and pubs that if you manage to get an hour out with your colleagues, you can park talk of excel sheets, technical hoo-ha or the latest office drama. Continue reading

Sang Choi Bao

mahjong room, surry hills

It’s Friday night. I’m two weeks into a new job where I have been a little sponge learning new factoids, ingratiating myself to new colleagues and undertaking market research on every café in the vicinity in the pursuit of the perfect coffee spot.

By dinner time, I want a swift glass of vino and a fabulous meal with minimal effort, in fact I don’t even want to think. Some meals you go out for because the restaurant is your favourite place with very specific favourites and sometimes you are trying new places where you want to approach the evaluating and selection of food from the menu like a treasure hunt. Continue reading

4Fourteen Main New

4fourteen, surry hills

It’s a rainy day in Sydney town with the day stretched before me with no plans and no place to be. Perfect.

Ordinarily I would use one of these Sundays to scour through cookbooks or piles of magazines to find something fabulous to cook, but today I don’t feel like a long, slow involved recipe. I do however feel like some ‘hug you from the inside’ comfort food which leads me through the storm to Colin Fassinidge’s 4Fourteen for Sunday Roast. Continue reading

Porteno Tile

porteno, surry hills

They say that good things come to those who wait so given our 6.45pm arrival, and the unavailability of a table until 9.30pm we are expecting something pretty spectacular from Porteno this evening.

You would think that after operating for over two years now that the shine would have come off this Argentinian restaurant with Sydney diners shuffling to the newest food fad or alternative shrine to meat. Plainly the duo of Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz are on to a winning, long term formula as Porteno is still packing ‘em in and on this Saturday night a mixed bag of carnivores are asserting incredible patience at this restaurant. Continue reading

Reuben Hills Front View

reuben hills, surry hills

I have this thing about breakfast. I will only eat anything of a bacon and eggs orientation before 12pm. I’m not down with all day breakfasts and as soon as the clock strikes midday my appetite shifts immediately to non-breakfast options. Similarly non-breakfast items (apart from perhaps Pho and Yum Cha) have no business being eaten before 12pm. I also would never have cereal at dinner time nor cold pizza in the AM no matter how big the night before. Continue reading