Pulled Pork with Mexican Rice

mexican pulled pork

I’m not a massive fan of leftovers. As a general rule I love to enjoy a meal on the day and am ready to move on to a brand new culinary day. Of course, ‘they say’ that many meals are even better the next days curries in particular. This is true, but as someone who enjoys the cornucopia of eating and drinking, I’m ready to head to a different country, protein and rarely eat the same thing two days in a row. Continue reading

Scallop Ceviche

el topo, bondi junction

Back in the late 90s lamenting about the lack of Mexican food in Australia was one of the favourite whines for every food lover we  who has spent any time at all in America.

It was such an obvious, gaping hole in our culinary offering and given the very addictive and moreish nature of great Mexican food, we had every right to complain about not having access to a half decent burrito and accompanying margherita. Continue reading

Mejico Prep Station

mejico, sydney CBD

Mexican food is pretty much the biggest thing to happen to the Sydney dining landscape in the past 12 months with an explosion of spicy options for those after something a little south of the border.

Anyone who has spent anytime in either the States or Mexico had lamented for years about Australia’s tragic Mexican restaurant offering upon their return. It was long felt that given our produce here, there had to be something better on offer than a sad and soggy cheese covered mess. Continue reading

Jamie's Chicken Fajita Meal

jamie’s 15 minute meal challenge

15 minute meals, you say. Great taste in record time, you say?

I think I can pull a meal together pretty swiftly when I need to, but 15 minutes for something tasty sounds like a big ask even for me. If it was anyone but Jamie I’d think they’re having a lend of me but given I’m a pretty massive Jamie fan and have been following him since he was scootering around in his Naked Chef days I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

Continue reading

Reuben Hills Front View

reuben hills, surry hills

I have this thing about breakfast. I will only eat anything of a bacon and eggs orientation before 12pm. I’m not down with all day breakfasts and as soon as the clock strikes midday my appetite shifts immediately to non-breakfast options. Similarly non-breakfast items (apart from perhaps Pho and Yum Cha) have no business being eaten before 12pm. I also would never have cereal at dinner time nor cold pizza in the AM no matter how big the night before. Continue reading

Beach Burrito Wall

the beach burrito company, darlinghurst

This new Darlinghurst outpost has only recently opened, in fact I think we visited in its opening week. I never went into Monkey Mia, the restaurant that was previously on this spot, mainly because their interiors looked so ghastly. The Beach Burrito Company team have done a pretty amazing transformation on the place (though it is a far cry from its atmospheric seaside counterpart back in Bondi). The lightingkind of  screams ‘eat and run’ but the staff are warm and friendly. Continue reading