Salmon & Brown Rice Salad

go health, salmon brown rice salad

This salad idea came from a fabulous meal my girlfriend Jo prepared for me, and since then I’ve basically used salmon and brown rice as the foundation or a range of salads. This version, with the wasabi dressing is Japanese influenced but I’ve also prepared Lebanese versions using a sumac dressing or a more traditional mediterrean style salad.

Preparing healthy meals is not my default cooking position. Not to say that my kitchen style is one big, unhealthy, fry-up, but more often than not, my favourite meals do lean to the richer and more indulgent side (hello Duck Ragu and Pork Cutlet).

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Karaka Men Chasu

ippudō, sydney cbd

Let’s start with the welcome to Ippudo. As the waitress walks you to the table you are greeted with a friendly welcome and a bellowing “Youkoso irasshai mashita”* from the staff in the kitchen. I’m down with any restaurant that cheers my arrival so this place is off to a tremendous start.

Ippudo Entrance

Ippudo Entrance

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busshari, potts point

I think the sushi rolls on every corner has made me appreciate the beautiful handmade rolls at Busshari all the more.

The new found love of food blogging is starting to take its toll on both waistline and hip pocket. I think I have the solution. Busshari, an old favourite, is our Jap on Macleay Street that has recently introduced a Happy Hour to get the punters in between 6pm and 7pm. It’s fabulous value with $10 rolls and $6 wraps. If you’re happy with taking the early shift you get the beautiful quality of Busshari sushi at nearly half the price. Continue reading