a tavola, bondi beach

I haven’t done the research on this but I think that Bondi has the highest density of kale consumption in all of Australia outside of say, Byron Bay. There’s something about entering the postcode that makes one feel obliged to live that little bit fitter, healthier and sun kist. Continue reading

Cipro Pizza Display

cipro pizza al taglio, alexandria

It’s been a week of joining the queue for our meals and it’s more of the same as we put our names down at hot new pizza place, Cipro Pizza al Taglio in Alexandria.  Here’s the tip, use the opportunity to take a wander and pick up a cool dozen of your favourite vinos at Dan Murphy across the road. We waited a half an hour for a table on this sunny Sunday afternoon which when you’re selecting Rose whilst you wait, absolutely flys by. Continue reading

Swordfish Crudo

fratelli paradiso, potts point

Well, hello there old friend. Good old Fratelli Paradiso. Can’t even remember the last time I headed here for dinner. Being so spoilt for choice would be an understatement when it comes to dining options in my neighbourhood and with a new opening on every corner, sometimes your old faithfuls get a little lost in the fray. So many restaurants, so few meal times.

When restaurateurs around the world open their businesses this is surely what they are aspiring to. A packed restaurants full of regulars, the occasional celeb chef and a happy dining experience that transcends being on trend or simply the ‘it’ spot to be eating. Continue reading

Emilia Pizza

popolo, rushcutters bay

What I’m looking for in my neighbourhood restaurant is a fool proof, comfortable dining stop where after a busy day, when I can’t face the kitchen myself, I am welcome and fed like a dear friend. It may be the place for celebrating a mini-milestone (like surving a big presso) or simply for when I know I’ve spent too many nights in front of the TV and need to reconnect with a human. Continue reading