American Pork Ribs & Apple Slaw

american pork ribs

There are many things I would never do on a first date and pork ribs is one of them. Call me old fashioned but finger lickin’ food consumption is something best saved for that familiar more settled stage in the relationship.

Lucky for me my relationship has graduated from those impressionable early days to the sleep in your eyes Sunday mornings ‘staring-at-the-papers’ stage so seeing each other up to our elbows in ribs is the least of our problems 😉

In fact for the established relationship, this hearty, sticky, Flintstonian style meal might just be a perfect primal heart starter for when the romance side of things may be showing some signs of wear and tear. Continue reading

Hainanese Chicken

hainanese chicken

I have been beating a path all over this fabulous city trying to find the best Hainanese Chicken. There are some pretty good versions out there but I often find myself craving it in a very specific way – good quality chicken that’s not too cold, rice flavoursome but not too garlicky. Continue reading

Nonya Chicken Curry Ingredients

nonya chicken curry

Dear chicken thighs,

Just dropping you a note to let you know that you are wonderful. I’m eternally grateful for your flexibility, tremendous value and overwhelming tastiness in a range of my favourite recipes. Continue reading

Red Duck Curry

make your own thai curry paste

There are some perfectly good thai curry pastes in the supermarket these days but if you want to feel like a true culinary whiz there is nothing like heading to the markets and picking up the ingredients to make your own. It’s perfectly magical the transformation of ingredients from fresh produce to fragrant paste.

So if you are in any way limited in pantry space this recipe is not for you. The making of your own red curry takes a lot of ingredients that you would ideally have in your pantry. Picking up all the ingredients from scratch is majorly demotivating in whipping up this thai favourite (particularly if you’ve got your local takeaway on speed dial). Continue reading

Duck Ragu with Pappardelle

farewell my le creuset

My Le Creuset has died. After 12 years of dedicated service, this workhorse of Ithaca Kitchen is ready to hang up its heat source and head to that great kitchen in the sky (you should know I’m cracking myself up with this crappy analogy).

If this Le Creuset could talk it would say, ‘lay off the butter, tubby?’ (on fire!). Continue reading

Tagliata Prep

tagliata for two, nigella lawson

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced kitchen envy as much as watching Nigella’s latest television program, Nigellisima. I’m barely following the recipes for staring at the gorgeous layout, elegant appliances, heavenly pantry and beautiful kitchen garden. If the kitchen is the heart of the home then this kitchen would be a Phar Lap sized, thumping, organ. It is so gorgeous it would make people who eat beans straight out of the can want to whip up a cheeky bowl of pasta or their first yoghurt pot cake. So here’s the kicker – it’s a set. But apparently it’s modelled off Nigella’s real kitchen (lucky cow 😉 Continue reading

Jamie's Chicken Fajita Meal

jamie’s 15 minute meal challenge

15 minute meals, you say. Great taste in record time, you say?

I think I can pull a meal together pretty swiftly when I need to, but 15 minutes for something tasty sounds like a big ask even for me. If it was anyone but Jamie I’d think they’re having a lend of me but given I’m a pretty massive Jamie fan and have been following him since he was scootering around in his Naked Chef days I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

Continue reading


sydney fish markets, pyrmont

Though my local fish monger up the road does a perfectly good job there’s nothing like heading to the fish markets. The abundance of seafood all glistening, glorious and fresh is such a luxury to have on our doorstep. A visit to the markets makes me want to institute Seafood Sunday to force myself to eat fish more regularly. Continue reading

Pork Cutlets with Marjoram, Cherry Tomatoes and Saffron Risotto

food groupie

I’ve never really followed bands as a teenager, in fact I remember quite distinctly not wishing to cover my school books in a particular band or artist because I was sure it would no longer be my favourite by year’s end. Fickle. Continue reading

Syrian Chicken

syrian chicken, karen martini

My first celebrity test kitchen is of a recipe by my absolute favourite celebrity chef – Karen Martini. Her cookbook style couldn’t sit more squarely in my preferred form of entertaining. Lots of generous, flavour-packed recipes made for sharing for both every day and special occasions. Continue reading