Avocado, Coriander, Chilli, Sprouts & Citrus on Rye Bread with Poached Egg

cornersmith, marrickville

Well well well, it looks like pickling is back in fashion so it’s time to go foraging through your vegetable crisper, grab that cordial size bottle of vinegar and get on it! OR you can calmly make your way towards the popular Cornersmith cafe in Marrickville and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Continue reading
Brown Sugar Dill Salmon

brown sugar, bondi

What I’m looking for in the perfect brunch place, apart from the mandatory good coffee, is an exhaustive menu of breakfast options that will cater for my everchanging morning cravings. Being the first meal of the day you want to get your day off to a terrific start whether it’s in a sweet or savoury direction (the big decisions). Continue reading

The Grounds Weekend Markets

the grounds, alexandria

So here’s the thing. Weekends are for relaxing. Unwinding, regrouping, soul searching and chin wagging. It’s about an unrushed, easygoing time to do the things you enjoy. No more complicated then a read of the paper, a catch-up with friends and getting your hands on the best cup of coffee (or peppermint tea) at your disposal.

Which is why Sunday morning at The Grounds does not meet the brief for me. To say this place is a victim of its success would be a major understatement. Not only has The Grounds become a successful cafe and bakery they’ve also added organic markets and lemonade stands making this venue a little more circus then serenity on their busy days. Continue reading

Reuben Hills Front View

reuben hills, surry hills

I have this thing about breakfast. I will only eat anything of a bacon and eggs orientation before 12pm. I’m not down with all day breakfasts and as soon as the clock strikes midday my appetite shifts immediately to non-breakfast options. Similarly non-breakfast items (apart from perhaps Pho and Yum Cha) have no business being eaten before 12pm. I also would never have cereal at dinner time nor cold pizza in the AM no matter how big the night before. Continue reading



So I’m a morning person. Whether it’s the holidays, the weekend, wherever I am in the world, my body clock is tuned to wake up at 6am. I suspect I never learnt to self settle as a baby – so let’s blame my parents on this one.

The downside is the rest of the world seems to be fond of a sleep in so I’m often pottering around alone until the rest of the household surfaces. Continue reading