Da Orazio Woodfire Oven

da orazio, bondi beach

You probably haven’t even noticed but I’m not exactly built like a Gazelle.  I’m one of those people, as good luck would have it, where my size makes me relatively close to the earth.  This is great for lots of things.  Skiing* and snowboarding*.  Plane flights. Squeezing to the front of the mosh pit without getting the stink eye from your fellow festival goers.

What it isn’t so good for is the bar stool. If the name of the game is anything but downing martinis ’til you nearly backward flip off said bar stool, I can’t stand them. When a waiter says we have a table available on the bar they might as well be saying can I set you a table on the pavement out front. Continue reading


a tavola, bondi beach

I haven’t done the research on this but I think that Bondi has the highest density of kale consumption in all of Australia outside of say, Byron Bay. There’s something about entering the postcode that makes one feel obliged to live that little bit fitter, healthier and sun kist. Continue reading

Brown Sugar Dill Salmon

brown sugar, bondi

What I’m looking for in the perfect brunch place, apart from the mandatory good coffee, is an exhaustive menu of breakfast options that will cater for my everchanging morning cravings. Being the first meal of the day you want to get your day off to a terrific start whether it’s in a sweet or savoury direction (the big decisions). Continue reading

Reuben Bagel with Cabbage, Pickles & Mayo

lox, stock & barrell, bondi

It’s kind of surprising that Sydney struggles to deliver a good bagel. I think there was a flourish of a fad in the bagel area in the 90s, but they certainly haven’t become a breakfast staple like they are in other parts of the world. Continue reading

PaperPlanes Skateboard Ceiling

paperplanes, bondi beach

I feel like I’m in a nightclub. Not a nightclub when the ‘joint is jumpin’ a night club at 5am when you’ve stayed too long, the lights are back on and you’ve come back to find your earring. What I’m trying to say is, being at PaperPlanes for dinner is like being in a night club when you’re sober.

PaperPlanes Menu Bondi Beach

PaperPlanes Menu Bondi Beach