Salted Chocolate Caramel Tarts

salted chocolate and caramel tarts

Though preparing your own shortcrust pastry is massively satisfying, having flour from one end of the kitchen to the other is sometimes not what you’re after when you are about to have friends around for afternoon tea. Continue reading


anzac biscuits

This batch of biccies falls into the ‘Any Knucklehead Can Bake’ category of cooking. Great treat for the long weekend or in my case, motivational cookies for my project team.

Though my Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies are also a massive crowd pleaser, these delicious melt and mix cookies are stress free and easy to bash out.

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pear, pistachio and chocolate cake

So I am back! And cannot believe it has been two years since my last blog post.

Am actually fast-tracking my return to blogging because my lovely colleagues at work have been badgering me for the recipe for my recent baking triumph.

I didn’t think I could find an easier cake recipe than my Flourless Chocolate Cake but I think we have a new contender with this tasty number.

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Hot Cross Buns

seasonal food, hot cross buns

I love seasonal food. Mince Pies at Christmas, Haira at Ramadan*. There’s something about food that’s only available for a limited time that makes me crave it like crazy.

I also love food that you can only get in certain places in the world – those turtle chocolates in Mexico, the white crunchie bar in Cape Town and the Cuban sandwich at Café Habana in New York (I want that right now). Continue reading

chocolate and peanut butter cookies

I get it. Cookies from scratch seem like a hell of a lot of effort when there’s a perfectly good packet of Tim Tams right there in the biscuit aisle. I get it. And sure, when you see how much butter and sugar goes into your average batch of cookies you risk being scared off biscuits for life. I understand. But the smell of cookies fresh from the oven are seriously so incredible they will have your neighbours taping at your door to introduce themselves for the first time. Continue reading