Cheese Burger Close Up

chur burger, surry hills

Sydney stomachs have spoken and they are saying ‘you can keep your fine dining – what we want is sizzing meat on a bun!’. Could this be best burger in Sydney? Continue reading

American Pork Ribs & Apple Slaw

american pork ribs

There are many things I would never do on a first date and pork ribs is one of them. Call me old fashioned but finger lickin’ food consumption is something best saved for that familiar more settled stage in the relationship.

Lucky for me my relationship has graduated from those impressionable early days to the sleep in your eyes Sunday mornings ‘staring-at-the-papers’ stage so seeing each other up to our elbows in ribs is the least of our problems 😉

In fact for the established relationship, this hearty, sticky, Flintstonian style meal might just be a perfect primal heart starter for when the romance side of things may be showing some signs of wear and tear. Continue reading

Oyster Po'Boy on English Muffin with Old Bay Mayo & Coleslaw

hartsyard, newtown

I must have been a little over excited the first time I visited Hartsyard because not only did I arrive one week early for our actual booking, every single photo I took was blurry. I have good reason to be excited, the American style restaurant in Newtown has been highly recommended and on my radar for some time but the availability of a table and my willingness to venture inner west had not quite panned out until now. Continue reading