christmas – the cooking olympics

Christmas Turkey

Is there no other more food obsessed time than Christmas. From the 24 hour loop of Christmas cooking shows, the onslaught of magazine hints and tips for an incredibly festive spread and the clutter of catalogues from supermarkets and food retailers of everything you need for the perfect yuletide feast.

People fall into one of two camps when it comes to preparing the biggest meal of the year. The ones that begrudgingly bung a turkey in the oven and unwrap a plastic pud to satisfy the masses and those of us who take on the Christmas meal like our life depends on it. Continue reading


roberta’s pizza, brooklyn

Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza

Mercy! Have I discovered the most outstanding pizza in the whole of the world?

Roberta’s is a destination restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. What an incredible find and a perfect welcome on our first night in New York City.
The restaurant is very assuming from the front and as first-timers our taxi driver nearly missed it but as soon as we walked it, it was the most pumpin’ joint in town. Continue reading