Red Duck Curry

make your own thai curry paste

There are some perfectly good thai curry pastes in the supermarket these days but if you want to feel like a true culinary whiz there is nothing like heading to the markets and picking up the ingredients to make your own. It’s perfectly magical the transformation of ingredients from fresh produce to fragrant paste.

So if you are in any way limited in pantry space this recipe is not for you. The making of your own red curry takes a lot of ingredients that you would ideally have in your pantry. Picking up all the ingredients from scratch is majorly demotivating in whipping up this thai favourite (particularly if you’ve got your local takeaway on speed dial). Continue reading

Hot Cross Buns

seasonal food, hot cross buns

I love seasonal food. Mince Pies at Christmas, Haira at Ramadan*. There’s something about food that’s only available for a limited time that makes me crave it like crazy.

I also love food that you can only get in certain places in the world – those turtle chocolates in Mexico, the white crunchie bar in Cape Town and the Cuban sandwich at Café Habana in New York (I want that right now). Continue reading

chocolate and peanut butter cookies

I get it. Cookies from scratch seem like a hell of a lot of effort when there’s a perfectly good packet of Tim Tams right there in the biscuit aisle. I get it. And sure, when you see how much butter and sugar goes into your average batch of cookies you risk being scared off biscuits for life. I understand. But the smell of cookies fresh from the oven are seriously so incredible they will have your neighbours taping at your door to introduce themselves for the first time. Continue reading