So I’m a morning person. Whether it’s the holidays, the weekend, wherever I am in the world, my body clock is tuned to wake up at 6am. I suspect I never learnt to self settle as a baby – so let’s blame my parents on this one.

The downside is the rest of the world seems to be fond of a sleep in so I’m often pottering around alone until the rest of the household surfaces. Continue reading

Mag Stack

february food mag wrap-up

Food Magazines

I don’t know if there is a more irresistible magazine cover then for a food mag. Though some might be drawn in by Ryan Gosling for GQ or Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy status in Who my weakest point of resistant is a handsome looking meal on the cover.

Delicious magazine is my absolute favourite of the food magazines. I have purchased every edition since it’s launch back in 2001.  I’ve also got a collection of Gourmet Traveller’s from the early 90s which my parents are kindly holding onto in their garage. More recently I have subscribed to the digital versions of both Gourmet Traveller and Donna Hay. From Super Food Ideas through to the fabulous NZ magazine Cuisine I will always find something new for the recipe box. Continue reading

christmas – the cooking olympics

Christmas Turkey

Is there no other more food obsessed time than Christmas. From the 24 hour loop of Christmas cooking shows, the onslaught of magazine hints and tips for an incredibly festive spread and the clutter of catalogues from supermarkets and food retailers of everything you need for the perfect yuletide feast.

People fall into one of two camps when it comes to preparing the biggest meal of the year. The ones that begrudgingly bung a turkey in the oven and unwrap a plastic pud to satisfy the masses and those of us who take on the Christmas meal like our life depends on it. Continue reading