Gowings Bar & Grill, QT Hotel

gowings bar & grill, sydney

The QT Hotel has opened with much fanfare in Sydney city and injected some positive new energy into this pocket of the CBD. There’d be very little that would get me into the city on a Saturday night ordinarily, but the new Gowings Bar & Grill has the perfect ‘big night out’ feel that makes you want to slip on a heel and an extra slick of lipstick for an indulgent meal with good friends.

And so it is that 10 of us get chaperoned past the front desk, up the stairs, through the cocktail bar into the private dining room for a three course blowout to celebrate a plethora of occasions and milestones. Continue reading


fu manchu, darlinghurst

Have always had a bit of a soft spot for Fu Manchu. When I first moved to the big city into my own place in Darlinghurst as a 20 something girl, Fu Manchu was my local take away and though I do have a very firm fun memories of meals there I do recall tapping their take out menu pretty hard when a little heartbreak came my way. The ‘why didn’t he call’ Wonton Soup, the ‘I thought he was ‘the one’ Hainan Chicken and the ‘I never liked him anyway’ Lamb Dumplings.  Great meals that are cleansing, comforting and that ‘hug you from the inside’ when you need it. Continue reading

Banoffie Pie Sailor's Club

the sailor’s club, rose bay

Seared Yellow Tuna, White Anchovy, Cucumber & Chilli Salsa

I think the team at the Sailor’s Club have nailed it in terms of their refurb, menu and atmosphere replacing Pier Restaurant in Rose Bay. Having happily worked my way through a number of the items on the menu it’s fast becoming my favourite place for when I’m craving a sunny Sunday afternoon lunch of seafood followed by a special dessert. The meals are beautiful in their simplicity. Yellow Fin Tuna, White Anchovy, Cucumber & Chilli Salsa has become my favourite tuna dish in all of Sydney at the moment. Continue reading

roberta’s pizza, brooklyn

Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza

Mercy! Have I discovered the most outstanding pizza in the whole of the world?

Roberta’s is a destination restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. What an incredible find and a perfect welcome on our first night in New York City.
The restaurant is very assuming from the front and as first-timers our taxi driver nearly missed it but as soon as we walked it, it was the most pumpin’ joint in town. Continue reading