cornersmith, marrickville

Well well well, it looks like pickling is back in fashion so it’s time to go foraging through your vegetable crisper, grab that cordial size bottle of vinegar and get on it! OR you can calmly make your way towards the popular Cornersmith cafe in Marrickville and enjoy the fruits of their labour.
Cornersmith Interior

Cornersmith Interior

The Cornersmith cafe has just the most beautiful food philosophy. A breakfast here makes you want to head home and plant a tree, start composting and hug your neighbour. The cafe often accepts backyard produce such as lemons and chokos from the local community and incorporates them into their menu. They offer classes in both pickling and cheese making for those inspired by the selection on display in the cafe.

Today however we’re happy to outsource all that hard labour to be spoiled with a perfect Saturday breafkast.  I have just spied a very handsome looking home made muffin of orange, poppyseed and ricotta – large and rustic with lots of crispy gnarly bits on top. Yum.

The sous chef is having the breakfast roll of Poached Egg, Choko pickle, thinly sliced Salami and Brussels Slaw. For someone with one of the most serious aversions to brussels sprouts I have ever experienced, he could not be happier with his breakfast selection.

Poached Egg Roll with Choko Pickle, Salami and Brussell Slaw

Poached Egg Roll with Choko Pickle, Salami and Brussell Slaw

It is incredible tasty with the balance of ingredients spot on.

For me, I’m having a pretty little dish of Avocado, Coriander, Chilli and Citrus on Rye Toast and a poached egg for good measure. My breakfast is also delicately sprinkled with Cornersmith home grown sprouts.

Avocado, Coriander, Chilli, Sprouts & Citrus on Rye Bread with Poached Egg

Avocado, Coriander, Chilli, Sprouts & Citrus on Rye Bread with Poached Egg

I love this joint. There is home made Worcester Sauce on the table and the shelves are stocked with pickles, marmalade and chutneys.

If I was visiting outside the breakfast window the Ploughman’s Lunch would be the perfect choice for taking advantage of Cornersmith’s gorgeous bounty of homegrown preserves and pickles.

The team at Cornersmith must be incredibly proud of this unique and incredibly successful and sustainable business they’ve created with a marriage of community and cooking that is incredibly special. Apart from feeling incredibly satisfied from breakfast I’m quite inspired by what the team at Cornersmith do.

Cornersmith, Marrickville

Cornersmith, Marrickville

Oh, and the coffee is pretty great too. Try it.

314 Illawarra Road, Marrickville

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5 thoughts on “cornersmith, marrickville

  1. been wanting to go here for so long especially for the poached egg and salami roll. was gonna go there last time i was in marrickville but had pho instead cos it was sooo cold!

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