the carrington, surry hills

If you’re lucky enough to work in Surry Hills you have some pretty terrific options for lunch. Not necessarily the plethora of food court options that you might get working in the big city, but some tasty cafes and pubs that if you manage to get an hour out with your colleagues, you can park talk of excel sheets, technical hoo-ha or the latest office drama.

For workers around the Surry Hills area heading to The Carrington  for what must be one of the best value meals in the ‘Hood – the $10 Pub Lunch Menu.

Here’s a sample of the excellent value on offer.

The Cheeseburger
It’s not hard to find a good burger these days with Mary’s in Newtown slaying it for the so-hot-right-now beef in a bun. I personally like an indulgent Rockpool Bar & Grill Wagyu Burger when I get the craving but the Carrington offers a superb cheap, cheerful and conveniently located option.

Carrington Cheeseburger

Carrington Cheeseburger

I like the size (compact and manageable), the pattie (crispy crust, juicy on the inside) and the accompanying chips (crinkle cut=ace). And for $10 I can shout my colleagues a bag of red frogs for all their hard work.

The Parma

Popular choice among colleagues is the pub favourite Chicken Schniztel served Nap & Cheese style or Parmagedon (Nap, Cheese & Sobrassada).

Chicken Parma

Chicken Parma

The Non-Traditional Pork Roll
My colleague is obviously quite comfortable with meat-on-meat action as his order, the Bandito Roll has the full deli section on a single roll. Roast pork with Serrano Ham, Chicken Parfait, Chilli & Pickled Vegetables – it’s The Carrington’s version of Banh Mi. Served with fries for $10 is a generous feed.

Bandito Roll with Roast Pork, Chicken Parfait , Serrano Ham, Chilli & Pickled Vegetable

Bandito Roll with Roast Pork, Chicken Parfait , Serrano Ham, Chilli & Pickled Vegetable

The pub lunch $10 weekday menu extends to other tasty offerings like Beef Cheeks with Mash, the Carrington version of a Pie Floater and a salad for those so inclined. I suggest you clear the small change out of your top desk draw and head on over.

565 Bourke Street, Surry Hills | +61 2 9360 4714

The Carrington Specialite: Beba y Cene on Urbanspoon


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