brown sugar, bondi

What I’m looking for in the perfect brunch place, apart from the mandatory good coffee, is an exhaustive menu of breakfast options that will cater for my everchanging morning cravings. Being the first meal of the day you want to get your day off to a terrific start whether it’s in a sweet or savoury direction (the big decisions).

Brown Sugar is the perfect spot for me with a broad and tasty menu in a seaside locale. In fact Brown Sugar has long been my favourite place for breakfast in all of Sydney.

Brown Sugar Interior

Brown Sugar Interior

Catching up with friends for this Sunday brunch I’m delighted to catch up with good friends at my absolute favourite spot for brekky.

Am also quite fortunate that everyone feels like something different off the menu giving us a diverse journey this Saturday morning.

Recent new mum is rewarding her tremendous work bringing life into this world with the gorgeous looking Moroccan Eggs this slow cooked, spiced Capsicum & Tomatoes with Poached Eggs, English Spinach with Chorizo.

Moroccan Eggs

Moroccan Eggs

The sous chef tackles breakfast out as a challenge to see if the cafes we frequent can treat scrambled eggs as well as he can (he’s pretty good). The Green Eggs served with Prosciutto is a spin  on scrambled eggs which are brightened up to green with a generous herb mixture.

Green Eggs & Prosciutto

Green Eggs & Prosciutto

Mojo Eggs a dish of Poached Eggs with Romesco, Shaved Prosciuitto, Baby Cavolo Nero and Mojo Verde on Sourdough and an excellent choice from new dad.

Mojo Eggs of Poached Eggs with Romesco, Prosciutto, Cavelo Nero, Mojo Verde & Sourdough

Mojo Eggs of Poached Eggs with Romesco, Prosciutto, Cavelo Nero, Mojo Verde & Sourdough

I’ve opted for the elegant Dill Salmon Eggs – a classy and delicious choice. Poached eggs with Ricotta, Mushrooms, Salmon & Lemon Butter.

Dill Salmon Eggs

Dill Salmon Eggs of Poached Eggs, Ricotta, Mushrooms & Lemon Butter on Sourdough

This is just a tip of the iceberg for the great menu options as they’s some good lookin’ buttermilk pancakes with banana & bacon (yes together) and a handsome looking scrambled tofu if that’s your bag.

There is also a rockin’ Bloody Mary available if you’re so inclined.

Brown Sugar has been going strong in Bondi for a number of years and is great for catching up with the locals or impressing the out-of-towners when your after a smashing start to your day.

106 Curlewis Street, Bondi | Ph: +61 2 9130 1566

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