palings kitchen, sydney CBD

I guess we all need a little makeover every now and then. A little booster. A little freshen up. And so it is that what use to be Mad Cow on Level 1 at the Ivy is now Palings Kitchen and Bar. In truth this is more then a little booster – more a complete overhaul then a simple nip and tuck, but what they’ve done seems to have created a much more open and approachable dining experience that should appeal to the weekday office crew.

This is reflected in the menu with lots to choose from at pretty great value.

Palings Kitchen and Bar

Palings Kitchen and Bar

We are celebrating our outstanding shopping efforts and a successful weekend with interstate guests and are opting for a casual and quick feed at Palings.

Palings offers a daily roast options from Lamb Shoulder on Tuesday to Pork with Apple Sauce on Friday. Today’s roast is Sirloin with Horseradish and this is my lunchtime choice. It’s very generous in serving size however it is a little frightening to approach as the meat is a little on the raw side unfortunately.

Palings Sirlon & Horseradish

Palings Sirlon & Horseradish

My dining companion is making his way through a very satisfying Beef and Pancetta Pie which is the Pie of the Day. What it lacks in interesting sides we have made up for in some fries and a lemony Snow peas, Runner Beans and Basil with Mozzarella Grilled on Lemon Leaves

Beef and Pancetta Pie

Beef and Pancetta Pie

Snow Pea Salad with Runner Beans and Lemon Scented Mozzarella

Snow Pea Salad with Runner Beans and Lemon Scented Mozzarella

The most handsome looking dish of the day are the Spiced Lamb Chops served on a Cucumber, Pea & Mint Yoghurt.

Spiced lamb chop on cool cucumber, mint , pea salad yogurt

Spiced Lamb Chop on Cucumber, Mint , Pea Salad Yogurt

Though we are skipping desserts today, they are prepared by Lorraine’s Patisserie, also part of the Ivy complex. I have previously tried the Strawberry Mascarpone and the Flourless Chocolate Cake and they are both superb. (I’ve even taken the gorgeous stack of Strawberry, Coconut and Mascarpone as dessert to a dinner party when I ran out of steam for creating my own.)

Palings Kitchen and Bar

Palings Kitchen and Bar

Palings kills it for the lunchtime stop and if I worked in the vicinity this would be my default company canteen for office celebrations.

Level 1, 350 George Street, Sydney | +61 2 9240 3000

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