the rook, sydney CBD

It’s Thursday night in the city – not exactly one of my usual haunts. I’m at 56 York Street standing in front of a non-descript office tower where I’m about to head to The Rook, the Lobster, Burger & Liquor Bar. Don’t let the boring foyer fool you, when you arrive at the Rooftop Bar you feel like you’ve been transformed to a completely the difference place. The fit out by The Rook is impressive and the after work crowd is lovin’ it.

Am feeling a little owned by the Keystone Group this being the third venue of theirs that I have visited in the past week. They certainly seem to have gotten into the groove when it comes to opening easy, fun restaurants and bars that have a really broad appeal.

Following a delicious Sloe Gin to kick off my evening we’re eager to try the menu which pretty much falls into two buckets – crustacean or burger.

It’s a gutsy move having $50 lobster on the menu at a bar that caters for the casual after work catch-up. I’ve ordered the Garlic and Butter version whilst my dining companion has opted to that 1970s classic, The Mornay. The half lobsters are served with Truffle Fries, with the garlic version nominated as the preferred, though they are both pretty good.

The Rook Lobster Mornay

The Rook Lobster Mornay

The Rook Lobster Garlic Butter

The Rook Lobster Garlic Butter

Also on order is the Lobster Roll which ain’t going to win no beauty contest, but is a hit with the diner.

Finally, someone had to try the Wagyu Burger with Truffle Fries and this impressive looking offering is pretty tasty (without putting the Australia’s Best Burger title at risk). The Truffle Fries make great chips (though there is no taste of Truffle to speak of).

The Rook Wagyu Burger with Truffle Fries

The Rook Wagyu Burger with Truffle Fries

The Rook is a fun venue where you would go for a drink then lean on the food to help soak up the alcohol. It’s probably not a place you’d head for a dining experience first and foremost.

It’s great to see places like The Rook opening up in the city providing a much needed injection of unique, easy watering holes that Melbourne has noted in their city.

Level 7, 56-58 York Street, Sydney | +61 2 9262 2505

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