Pork Buns

din tai fung dumpling bar, Sydney CBD

Din Tai Fung do some of the sweetest, neatest soup dumplings in the city however the overall menu at the restaurant in World Square is not as much of a favourite as Chef’s Gallery or New Shanghai.

That’s why it’s perfect that the Din Tai Fung team have opened a dumpling bar in the Westfield Shopping Centre so I can grab a sneaky fill amidst my city retail activity. Continue reading

Spiced lamb chop on cool cucumber, mint , pea salad yogurt

palings kitchen, sydney CBD

I guess we all need a little makeover every now and then. A little booster. A little freshen up. And so it is that what use to be Mad Cow on Level 1 at the Ivy is now Palings Kitchen and Bar. In truth this is more then a little booster – more a complete overhaul then a simple nip and tuck, but what they’ve done seems to have created a much more open and approachable dining experience that should appeal to the weekday office crew. Continue reading

Kitchen By Mike Service

kitchen by mike, rosebery

If you are going to enjoy Kitchen by Mike you need to be comfortable with a few things. Queuing is one. Co-ordinating food selection and ‘bagsing’ a table is another.

The first time I ended up Kitchen by Mike was because the nearby Grounds had its usual out of control line situation so we biked it around the corner to this canteen. Since then, Kitchen by Mike has become my favourite in the neighbourhood and my preferred casual lunch spot of the two. Continue reading

Cipro Pizza Display

cipro pizza al taglio, alexandria

It’s been a week of joining the queue for our meals and it’s more of the same as we put our names down at hot new pizza place, Cipro Pizza al Taglio in Alexandria.  Here’s the tip, use the opportunity to take a wander and pick up a cool dozen of your favourite vinos at Dan Murphy across the road. We waited a half an hour for a table on this sunny Sunday afternoon which when you’re selecting Rose whilst you wait, absolutely flys by. Continue reading

Cafe Sopra Menu Board

cafe sopra, potts point

Prior to the Fratelli’s team into French cuisine with Café Nice, there was the Sopra  restaurants for crowd pleasing Italian fare where we patiently queued in Dank Street before dancing the streets with joy at Macleay Street for this Potts Point version (my local). Café Sopra has been such a great success and now features in four venues about the city. They are consistently full indicating the appeal of the menu and the winning formula of great food done consistently well. Continue reading

The Rook Wagyu Burger with Truffle Flies

the rook, sydney CBD

It’s Thursday night in the city – not exactly one of my usual haunts. I’m at 56 York Street standing in front of a non-descript office tower where I’m about to head to The Rook, the Lobster, Burger & Liquor Bar. Don’t let the boring foyer fool you, when you arrive at the Rooftop Bar you feel like you’ve been transformed to a completely the difference place. The fit out by The Rook is impressive and the after work crowd is lovin’ it. Continue reading

Mejico Prep Station

mejico, sydney CBD

Mexican food is pretty much the biggest thing to happen to the Sydney dining landscape in the past 12 months with an explosion of spicy options for those after something a little south of the border.

Anyone who has spent anytime in either the States or Mexico had lamented for years about Australia’s tragic Mexican restaurant offering upon their return. It was long felt that given our produce here, there had to be something better on offer than a sad and soggy cheese covered mess. Continue reading