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It’s kind of surprising that Sydney struggles to deliver a good bagel. I think there was a flourish of a fad in the bagel area in the 90s, but they certainly haven’t become a breakfast staple like they are in other parts of the world.

There’s obviously the appetite for them as the city went a little ape shit crazy when the team from Brooklyn Boys Bagels opened a pop-up shop in Darlinghurst earlier in the year (which will be opening again this month). They were pretty terrific bagels – probably the best I’ve tasted in the city – I’ve been craving them ever since. Chewy, sesame bagel with Hank’s fig jam was seriously good. Not oversized, not doughy, not a white roll masquerading as a bagel.

A similar big reaction is being received for new Bondi café/bakery Lox Stock & Barrell where the beachside suburb has responded well to this recently opened spot with a speciality in NY diner style food. The bagels are made on the premises and it’s time for us to get online and see how they compare to the NYC experience.

Lox Sign 2

People often talk about the appropriate distance or number of blocks you can walk from the beach in your swimming costume before it makes people feel uncomfortable. In Bondi I think the distance is about 10 blocks. Sunday morning fashion is all short shorts, plunging, sun-kissed neck lines, bikini tops and mini tank tees. It’s a flesh fest. I’m in all black covered virtually head to toe. Spot the imposter.

When I’m done taking in the skin I order myself the Smoked Lox Bagel with a side of avocado. Sous chef orders the Reuben Bagel in keeping with his quest to find Sydney’s best pastrami.

Lox Coffee

Lox Coffee

Don’t normally comment on beverages but I ordered the Ginger Iced Tea and I loved it (I am known to duck into T2 to keep my energy up whilst I’m in shopping malls.)

Ginger Iced Tea

Ginger Iced Tea

Expectations are high because the place is packed and it’s been over a month since my last bagel – I’m hanging.

And so arrives my sesame bagel piled high with rocket, salmon, cream cheese, spanish onions, capers and avocado. This is followed by the plain bagel with pastrami, sauerkraut, pickle and mayonnaise. Sous chef is opting for the cut in half and eat burger style whereas I’m going to go the open sandwich style leaving my top half of bagel for a dessert course later.

Lox Stock Interior

Lox Stock Interior

Though the picture looks like the bagel was a little over run with greenery, it was quite fine with the overall serving. If they were stingy with the salmon (which they’re not) this would be more of a problem. It’s pretty tasty and the bagels are good. Bigger then I would like, and a little doughy then I would like, but think this is a personal preference. No one is lookin

g disappointed.

Lox Salmon Sesame Bagel

Lox Salmon Sesame Bagel

Big wrap from the sous chef on the Reuben Bagel, and I’d have to agree. The 10 hour cooked silverside is winner. A triumph is the description from my dining companion who couldn’t be more delighted with his salty, chewy choice.

Reuben Bagel with Cabbage, Pickles & Mayo

Reuben Bagel with Cabbage, Pickles & Mayo

Must be so difficult to open a café and offer something unique and it’s surprising that the diner menu is so hard to track down in this town (suggestions welcome).

Not sure that I would venture all the way (approximately 100 blocks) for these bagels but can see a salty pastrami craving coming on in my immediate future.

140 Glenayr Road, Bondi | +61 2 9300 0368

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