The Grounds Weekend Markets

the grounds, alexandria

So here’s the thing. Weekends are for relaxing. Unwinding, regrouping, soul searching and chin wagging. It’s about an unrushed, easygoing time to do the things you enjoy. No more complicated then a read of the paper, a catch-up with friends and getting your hands on the best cup of coffee (or peppermint tea) at your disposal.

Which is why Sunday morning at The Grounds does not meet the brief for me. To say this place is a victim of its success would be a major understatement. Not only has The Grounds become a successful cafe and bakery they’ve also added organic markets and lemonade stands making this venue a little more circus then serenity on their busy days. Continue reading

Salmon & Brown Rice Salad

go health, salmon brown rice salad

This salad idea came from a fabulous meal my girlfriend Jo prepared for me, and since then I’ve basically used salmon and brown rice as the foundation or a range of salads. This version, with the wasabi dressing is Japanese influenced but I’ve also prepared Lebanese versions using a sumac dressing or a more traditional mediterrean style salad.

Preparing healthy meals is not my default cooking position. Not to say that my kitchen style is one big, unhealthy, fry-up, but more often than not, my favourite meals do lean to the richer and more indulgent side (hello Duck Ragu and Pork Cutlet).

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