gelato messina, darlinghurst

I would suggest that every restaurant within a 1 km radius of a Gelato Messina shouldn’t even bother to offer desserts on their menu because there is simply nothing that could bring a sweeter end to a meal than this ice cream institution in Darlinghurst.

When it’s been a while between scoops I drive past Darlinghurst’s queues for gelato and think, ‘Those people must be mad. No gelato is worth queueing like that for.’ But then I sneak in myself for a post Fu Manchu treat and I’m reminded at the delectable selection of what is Sydney’s best gelati.

Gelato Messina Menu

Gelato Messina Menu

I, like half the city, am obsessed with peanut butter based desserts so consequently my eyes zip straight to the specials board to check out the latest concotions. When it comes to my trips to Messina I’m not in any way a traditionalist. I will order the Lemon Gelato or Pistachio the next time I’m at the Trevi fountain. When I’m in Sydders I want Salted Caramel with White Chocolate Chips, Dulce de Leche with Apple Pie and lord have mercy the Peanut Butter, Vanilla Custard & Whipped Cream (otherwise known as the Nut Job).

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina

Strangely, I had a serious aversion to peanut butter as a kid and even now the thought of peanut butter on hot buttery toast has zero appeal. However, the peanut butter ice cream combinations at Gelato Messina are seriously amazing and not surprisingly, one of their best sellers. You will be woken in the middle of the night craving it, concocting half baked trips in the neighbourhood to walk past it and scheduling appointments with your nearby hairdresser just to grab a taste of that nutty, peanut butter goodness.

The only downside to my obsession with their peanut butter varieties is that I’m seriously missing out on some other flavours that I know I would love. Berry and vanilla combinations, fruit and coconut combinations, a baklava variety or a hummingbird cake. All I can do is drag a friend with me and manipulate them into ordering something that I’m keen to sample (you’ve been warned).

Believe the hype, Gelato Messina is delicious and simply cannot disappointment. The array of flavours is amazing, the gelato is luscious and with queues out the door and turnover like this you can guarantee that your scoop is super fresh.

Gelato Messina is not an every day food, but the days are certainly sweeter what you treat yourself to one of these babies.

Shop 1/241 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst, 2010

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