busshari, potts point

I think the sushi rolls on every corner has made me appreciate the beautiful handmade rolls at Busshari all the more.

The new found love of food blogging is starting to take its toll on both waistline and hip pocket. I think I have the solution. Busshari, an old favourite, is our Jap on Macleay Street that has recently introduced a Happy Hour to get the punters in between 6pm and 7pm. It’s fabulous value with $10 rolls and $6 wraps. If you’re happy with taking the early shift you get the beautiful quality of Busshari sushi at nearly half the price.

The miso soup is not on the specials list but is the heart warming start to the meal that I’m after – a steamy and smoky version that is spot on.

Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Busshari’s Rainbow Roll is something that I always order as it gives you a little bit of everything from a seafood sushi POV – Salmon, Prawns, Tuna and Kingfish are delicately wrapped around this sushi roll.

Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll

Our expert sushi chef is doing a beautiful job for us preparing the next roll, the Dynamite roll of spicy tuna. It’s fresh and flawless.

Handmade Rolling

Sushi Handmade Rolling

Dynamite Roll
Dynamite Roll

The hand rolls are equally satisfying. The freshly grilled eel in my Eel, Cucumber & Omelette Handroll is perfect and the Ocean Trout and Avocado Hand Roll is a far cry from the bargain versions at the food courts.

Eel, Cucumber & Omelette and Ocean Trout and Avocado Hand Rolls

Eel, Cucumber & Omelette and Ocean Trout and Avocado Hand Rolls

Busshari’s food is what restaurants like Paper Plane aspire to. Consistent, satisfying, quality Japanese foods. Previous food I have ordered regularly are the Gyoza (delicious), the Wagyu Beef Sizzling Tobanyaki (the best), Sashimi Plate, Spider Roll and Grilled Eggplant with Miso Paste.

Busshari Restaurant is a beautiful space with great service and now a great deal. If you can deal with being fed by 7.15pm Happy Hour is a great option and is highly recommend and even if you’d prefer not to dine like a pensioner, Busshari is a great option any time of day.

119 Macleay Street, Potts Point | +61 2 9357 4997

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