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I have this thing about breakfast. I will only eat anything of a bacon and eggs orientation before 12pm. I’m not down with all day breakfasts and as soon as the clock strikes midday my appetite shifts immediately to non-breakfast options. Similarly non-breakfast items (apart from perhaps Pho and Yum Cha) have no business being eaten before 12pm. I also would never have cereal at dinner time nor cold pizza in the AM no matter how big the night before.

Reuben Hills Front Seat Window

Reuben Hills Front Seat Window

Reuben Hill, with its Eat All Day menu, may just throw me for a loop. I’m surrounded by people who are ‘devil may care’ about the constructs of Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch chowing down on whatever they fancy despite the fact that the hour has us sitting squarely within the ‘breakfast window’. I’m talking Fried Chicken at 9am, Crab Tacos at 930am and salted caramel milkshakes alongside. How very liberal (and slightly unnerving).

Reuben Hills Water

Cute Water Bottles

For me, I’m going to stick to the breakfast/brunch oriented portion of the menu and order the Balcada with Eggs, Queso Fresco & Black Beans. This is one tasty serve, and with a dash of hot sauce is a pretty rockin’ start to the day (I can have chilli at any hour).

Balcada with Eggs, Queso Fresco & Black Beans

Balcada with Eggs, Queso Fresco & Black Beans

The sous chef is keen to opt for a more traditional breakfast also – the Scram on Rye with Jamon and Avocado on the side. The scrambled eggs in both of our meals is done with a bit of onion and is really unique in flavour compared to the usual breakfasts around town.

Reuben Hills Scrambled with Jamon & Avocado

Reuben Hills Scrambled

The great thing about breakfast at Reuben Hill is that it takes you down a more adventurous Mexican style path but doesn’t desert you by not offering familiar items you would hope to have in the morning. The service was really friendly and fast, and the atmosphere was perfectly relaxed for one’s Saturday. This place is also pretty serious about it’s Kenyan and Colombian beans so not surprisingly, the coffee is absolutely top notch.

Flat White Coffee

Flat White Coffee

Reuben Hills Coffee  Machine

Reuben Hills Coffee Machine

We couldn’t leave without dabbling in a small way in some non-breakfast eating so ordered a sweet little Coconut Teacake with Passionfruit Icing. Adorbs – and if you pretend that it’s a muffin it’s perfectly justifiable to be eating at 10am.

Reuben Hills Tea Cake

Reuben Hills Tea Cake

There’s no two ways about it though I am going to have to come back to work our way through the non-breakfast items because they look and smell fantastic. Chorizo Grits with Baked Corn Tortilla Chips, Queso Fresco & Black Beans, The Reuben on Rye and King Prawn, Avocado, Sweet Corn Salad with Endive & Chipotle Aioli on Brioche. Needless to say this will be between the hours of 12pm-2pm.

61 Albion Street, Surry Hills


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