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Couple of things that you need to know if it happens to be your first time heading to MsGs. The joint is loud, like screaming at your dining companions loud. On this point the DJ sets the tone of the room so don’t be surprised when mid mouthful Snoop Dog invites you to ‘drop it likes it hot’. It’s not going to be for everyone but the music really does set a fun and upbeat atmosphere to dine in.

Ms. Gs Entry

Ms. Gs Entry

The other thing to note, on this night out in Potts Point, is that utensils are ‘out’ and finger lickin’ good is in. It’s chicken wing night, or ‘chicken chops’ as they prefer to call it so it’s all hands on deck. There are five varieties – Spicy Korean, Phnom Penh, Buffalo Wings, Teriyaki and Plain with Jerk Mayo. You can order a variety bucket of the full range for $29 if you want to make a night of it.

Chicken Wings Spicy Korean

Chicken ‘Chops’ Spicy Korean

Chicken Wings Phnom Penh

Chicken ‘Chops’ Phnom Penh

Given it’s just two of us, tonight we opt for the Spicy Korean and Phnom Penh – four chops for each. When they arrive they aren’t the meatiest wings I’ve happened across but they are tasty with a good variety of flavour between the two and a satisfying cheeky pre-dinner snack. The nights just begun and I’m already all sticky fingers.

Following this we continue to skip the knives, forks and chopsticks in favour of nature’s utensils for the Grilled Corn on the Cob with Parmesan and Lime. This is mandatory ordering for my MsGs visits and never disappoints. It’s a great combination with a mellow chilli hit balancing beautifully with the sweet corn.

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Parmesan and Lime

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Parmesan and Lime

We are still at ‘no cutlery required’ stage with the next dish which is the Mini Banh Mi with Pork Belly. The  little slider style snacks are certainly the crowd pleaser and well received this even

Ms.Gs. Mini Banh Me

Ms.Gs. Mini Banh Me Pork Belly

This was the first time that we tried the Kingfish with Buttermilk and Jalapeno, a raw fish dish which for us is the winner of the night. Beautiful fresh fish with a nice chilli taste through the buttermilk and a delicate crunch of quinoa to add an extra dimension. Really enjoyable.

Kingfish with Buttermilk and Jalapeno

Kingfish with Buttermilk and Jalapeno

We are labouring a bit at this point as all the small, unassuming morsels of food are filling us up. Our final dish is MsGs version of sang choy bou done as a Sichuan Lamb served with Cos Lettuce and a Smoky Eggplant puree. The lamb has some spicy kick and the dish leans on the leaves and accompanying herbs to cut through the fattiness of the lamb.

Sichuan Lamb served with Cos Lettuce and a Smoky Eggplant puree

Sichuan Lamb served with Cos Lettuce and a Smoky Eggplant puree

All that we ate was really great this evening – a run through the hit parade of MsGs favourites with something different for good measure. I do think the menu can be difficult to navigate at times as I have ordered some clangers in the past – things not to my personal taste or combinations of things that didn’t compliment each other. The team are good to help through that.

When I cast my mind back to those early days of the ‘so hot right now’ MsGs when you had to wait two hours for a table even when you arrive early. It’s nice to arrive and see the restaurant now fully settle into a groove. The place is still full and bustling but feels much more mature and established. In my experience, I’ve really noticed that the Merivale team seem to have a solid ‘no dickhead’ hiring policy.  Staff across the whole group are always friendly, not flustered, helpful and super nice. Definitely what we experienced tonight.

Ms. Gs Interiors

Ms. Gs Interiors

My only regret for the evening is that there was no room to squeeze in my favourite Stoner’s Delight, now in Version 2.0 which incorporates doughnut ice-cream. Never fear, we’ll be back.

155 Victoria Street, Potts Point | +61 2 8313 1000

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