fu manchu, darlinghurst

Have always had a bit of a soft spot for Fu Manchu. When I first moved to the big city into my own place in Darlinghurst as a 20 something girl, Fu Manchu was my local take away and though I do have a very firm fun memories of meals there I do recall tapping their take out menu pretty hard when a little heartbreak came my way. The ‘why didn’t he call’ Wonton Soup, the ‘I thought he was ‘the one’ Hainan Chicken and the ‘I never liked him anyway’ Lamb Dumplings.  Great meals that are cleansing, comforting and that ‘hug you from the inside’ when you need it.

Fu Manchu Darlinghurst

Fu Manchu Darlinghurst

Recently fu manchu has made the move from the wee slip of a restaurant that I loved in Victoria Street to much bigger and swisher digs at Darlinghurst Road, next to the Kirketon Hotel. Nearly a year in their new home and things seem to be settling in well for the fu manchu team.

Prawn & Noodles

Prawn Cheong Fun

In addition to my favourite meals fu manchu have recently introduced a unique yum cha menu which is attracting a crowd looking beyond the usual Chinatown experience. So no trollies or mango pudding at this version of Yum Cha but what they do have is a beautiful and elegant representation of pan Asian small plates.

The Congee with Chinese Condiments is a big hit with the sous chef. The congee is a very simple and clean soup but is provided it’s kick via some fermented tofu, chinese pickles and seaweed. Not to everyone’s taste – the tofu has some punch and should be used sparingly – but is a comforting fill if you are a fan of the unique flavours.


Congee with Chinese Condiments

My favourite of the yum cha dishes sampled is the Sesame Shrimp Rye Toast. The traditional version is always a hit but there’s something about the introduction of rye toast that gives this an incredible flavour and the delicate fu manchu treatment makes it much less greasy.

Rye Prawn Toast

Prawn Sesame Rye Toast

The Siu Mai pork and prawn dumplings are fresh and flavoursome and the chilli sauce on the table to have with it is delish.

Siu Mai Dumplings

Siu Mai Dumplings

The only downside to this yum cha experience is that the service is a little all over the map. We got our Mushroom Cheong Fun twice (when we only ordered just one) and had to make multiple requests for the dumplings when they didn’t show.

229 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2021 | +61 2 9360 9424

Website: http://www.fumanchu.com.au/

Fu Manchu on Urbanspoon


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