february food mag wrap-up

Food Magazines

I don’t know if there is a more irresistible magazine cover then for a food mag. Though some might be drawn in by Ryan Gosling for GQ or Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy status in Who my weakest point of resistant is a handsome looking meal on the cover.

Delicious magazine is my absolute favourite of the food magazines. I have purchased every edition since it’s launch back in 2001.  I’ve also got a collection of Gourmet Traveller’s from the early 90s which my parents are kindly holding onto in their garage. More recently I have subscribed to the digital versions of both Gourmet Traveller and Donna Hay. From Super Food Ideas through to the fabulous NZ magazine Cuisine I will always find something new for the recipe box.

With my three monthly magazine staples – Delicious, Gourmet and Donna – I always try to cook at least one new dish from the magazine each month to apply a little stretch to my culinary workout. Though I gravitate to the recipes that are generally within my current cooking level every now and then it’s great to go outside your comfort zone with a technique or ingredient you don’t have a lot of experience in.

This is my wrap up of the meals I’m keen to try or have tried this month, and I’ll give a Real Life Recipe Rating for each out of 5 once I’ve cooked them all.

Delicious, March 2013 Italian Issue – Slow Braised Rabbit with Porcini and Artichokes

The Italian edition must surely be one of this magazine’s most popular issues with all it’s irresistible pastas, desserts and meals made for big family feeds. The recipe that caught my eye this month was part of Valli’s Kitchen Diary as part of a beautiful spread on a food adventure in Piedmont, Italy. I have never cooked rabbit but this recipe looks like a great entree into bunny cooking. Artichoke is also a bit of a stretch ingredient for me so to do this recipe will be upping my skill level on a couple of fronts. Real Life Rating: Still to come!

Delicous Magazine's Rabbit & Mushroom

Delicous Magazine”s Rabbit & Mushroom

Gourmet, February 2013 – Prawn, Watermelon & Feta Salad

So I haven’t actually cooked anything from Gourmet Traveller yet this month but the Watermelon & Feta Salad has caught my eye. In fact, the watermelon and feta combo has been catching my eye all over town with the rise in popularity of Greek restaurants.  This salad is part of Gourmet’s ‘Melons Rock’ which are a great collection of melon recipes which look perfect for meals in this tail end of summer.  The addition of prawns makes this a pretty easy weekday dinner which I’m keen to try. Real Life Rating: Still to come!

Gourmet Traveller's Watermelon, Feta & Prawn Salad

Gourmet Traveller’s Watermelon, Feta & Prawn Salad

Other highlights from this month’s edition is quite a drool enducing Ice Cream Sundae special and an eight page spread on recipes with ribs including an amazing Lamb Ribs with Quinoa Tabbouleh which is a must try.

Donna Hay, Feb/Mar Issue – Beef and Feta Meatballs

Whenever the time comes where I feel like I need to tighten up the purse strings I often joke about our meals going to have to be out of the #101 ways with mince collection (which I don’t actually own). Reality is that even if I won the Powerball I love a good ragu, meatball, larb or dumpling too much to ever skip cooking with mince. This month Donna Hay mag has got an article on Our Favourite Ways With Mince so I gave the Beef and Feta Meatballs a go. They were awesome. Super moist and tasty like a good meatball should be. Real Life Rating: 5/5

Donna Hay's Beef and Feta Meatballs

Donna Hay’s Beef and Feta Meatballs


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