roberta’s pizza, brooklyn

Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza

Mercy! Have I discovered the most outstanding pizza in the whole of the world?

Roberta’s is a destination restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. What an incredible find and a perfect welcome on our first night in New York City.
The restaurant is very assuming from the front and as first-timers our taxi driver nearly missed it but as soon as we walked it, it was the most pumpin’ joint in town.

Roberta’s is extremely popular so a wait is pretty standard but the tiki bar in the back is the perfect place to settle in to down some Dark & Stormies whilst you wait for your table. The music is fun and the atmosphere is friendly so the long wait flew by.

We were well rewarded when we sat down to order because everything on the menu looked inviting. Roberta’s has one of those smashing on premises kitchen garden which ramps up the freshness of the dishes to the next level. Having worked up an appetite in the bar we order the pork sausage pizza and a margherita to give us a healthy sampling of their signature offering. They were seriously incredible.

I think there was a pretty tasty salad on the table somewhere as well 😉

This place combines a casual but cool venue with some fantastic food and a cool mix of people that makes for a great night out. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood (or even if you’re just outside it) jump on the L train and check it out.

261 Moore Street, Brooklyn, 11206  |  Ph: 417 1118


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